{ facing the truth|| kendall and carlos }

To say the least, the night before had been pretty eventful, and in most ways in the worst way possible in Carlos’ eyes. After kissing Victoria and finding out he was going to be a father to twins, he was terrified. Having already made plans to hangout with Kendall that afternoon, Carlos had to get some things off his chest, and he knew Kendall would listen to him, or atleast try to understand where he was coming from. they decided to meet up at Starbucks, though leaving more earlier than they had originally planned. Already ready to leave, Carlos grabbed his phone and his wallet, even though Kendall said he’d pay, but just to make sure. Walking out the front door, Carlos headed to his car door, opening it before climbing inside, sighing heavily as he started up his car. Starting the engine, Carlos began driving to Starbucks in alittle more than a few minutes. He didn’t really know his way around the neighborhood yet, so his sense of direction wasn’t as good as he thought. Finally making it into the parking lot, Carlos then got out of his car, heading to the entrance and finding an empty table to sit down at while waiting for Kendall.

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